Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia.  And because I am based here, I can give tourists who wish to visit KL ideas on where to go.

Here’s my list of places I recommend tourists to visit and I, myself, have visited.

  • Petronas Twin Towers / KLCC20140506_20164520140506_203256_LLS
  • Aquaria, KLCCP1000187IMG_20140510_110214
  • KL Towerkl tower kl tower2
  • King’s PalaceP1000331
  • Batu CavesP1000276
  • KL Bird ParkP1000435P1000393
  • Petaling Street (Chinatown in KL)ps1 ps
  • Zoo Negara or National Zoo in Malaysia
  • Bukit Bintang
  • Merdeka SquareP1000339
  • Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia20140511_125830 20140511_125351
  • Berjaya Times Square20140507_192128_LLS
  • Sunway Lagoon
  • KLCC ParkP1000104
  • PutrajayaP1000197




“I came, I saw and I savour.”

Krabi, a province of Southern Thailand, offers spectacular sceneries, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters.

We departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 13th of September 2013 at 10pm. We travelled by Bas Persiaran, a tour bus which would also bring us to the many places in Krabi, Thailand. The journey there was not that easy. Since it was a company tour, there were actually 3 buses that brought the company’s employees to Krabi. And if there’d be a mechanical problem of one of the buses, the others had to wait. Unfortunately, we experienced that. That’s why, it took us almost 12 hrs before arriving at Bukit Kayu Hitam where the immigration’s located. Queueing at the immigration felt like forever. It was like a bus terminal. It’s hot and it’s crowded. It felt like I was in the Philippines. I missed home!

After the immigration, it’s time to explore.  But wait, our tummy’s grumbling already. So, we had lunch to Kranitha Restaurant, Trang.  The food was delicious. Nyumnyum. After lunch, we then got back to the bus and we headed to Ao nang, Krabi.  Then at around 3:00pm, we checked in at the Srisuksant Hotel.  We washed and freshened up. We rested and had our pictures taken. Woohoo!

23 sri-suksantAfter taking pictures of our accommodation, it was now time for our dinner!  It’s actually by the beach. It was nice and the food was delicious in Rean Thalay Restaurant.  Then headed back to the hotel.  Those who wanted to bar hop for the night, the bars were just near the area.  But some of us just went to sleep so we could wake up early for the next day’s island hopping.

This was our itinerary for Day 2:

7:00am – Took Breakfast at the hotel

8:00am – Departed from the hotel to the pier (just about 5 minutes from the hotel

9:00am – Departed from the pier to 4 islands by speed boat

2First Stop: Pranang Beach 

This beach could not be accessed by car.  You could do sunbathing, swimming, picture-taking and exploring.  A short walk away was the princess cave.




Second Stop: Chicken Island

Though, we did not really stop there, but we just passed by.  This island’s form resembled that of a chicken. That’s where it got its name.9

Third Stop: Tup Beach

This island is ideal for snorkeling. But we did not swim for the weather was scorching hot.  We just took photos and here they are.  By the way, since the tide is not that high, we were able to walk through the neighboring island and had our lunch there.

1112 14 15 16

So that completed our island hopping.

After that we went back to the hotel and rested.

On day 3 of our tour, we went to some of the tourist spots of Krabi. First was the Tiger Cave Temple Cultural and Meditation, then to Pru Ta Pom fish farm, Nopparat Tara Beach, dinner at a Restaurant and lastly shopping for souvenirs.

17 18 19 24 2527


And that completed our tour. Time to relax now and go back to KL the next day.

Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort

A Place for Relaxation

Dumaguete Spring Beach Resort is a resort located at Bacong Road, Dauin, Negros Oriental. This resort is quite far from the main road. You should have your own car or motorcycle in order to get there.  If you do not have your own car or motorcycle, you can rent a motorcycle in Dumaguete City. The place is quite far from civilization, which is perfect for relaxation.   This resort is just a small resort.  It has around 7 cottages. You can rent one of their cottages for 2000 pesos.  The accommodation is very nice. It is very clean. The swimming pool is also clean.  They have a billiard table.  The food is nice but quite pricey.  The beach is clean but it is not white sand. There is a jacuzzi but I do not know if it still works. This resort is recommended for relaxation only. You can not find any adventure there.








Lantaw Native Floating Restaurant is located in Cordova, Cebu.  It is one of the best restaurants I have been to because of the location.  The restaurant is not actually floating because its supports/column are fixed on the sea floor.  It is nearby the shore so it is just shallow. The view of the sunset while dining on the waters with a breath of fresh air was one of the best experiences in this restaurant. However, getting there is quite difficult if you do not have your own car like us. It is far from the main road.  And if you go there by taxi, it will cost around 200 pesos from Gaisano Mactan Grand Mall.  And the problem will be going home.  If you want to request a taxi from them, there will be an add-on of 100 pesos.  So, if you are on a budget, just wait for a taxi carrying a passenger who has just arrived int the area and ask for that taxi driver if he can drop you home. In that case, you will not add 100 pesos.  And as for the food, this restaurant is serving Filipino dishes. Their serving especially the soup is going to be much more than the other restaurants are normally serving.  For 10 people, it cost us around 3900 pesos. It could have been much less if we knew that they’re going to give big serving for one soup order.  Let say, when you’re going to order Tinolang Isda and they’ll serve you this which will be enough to the total number of persons in the table.  And to think, we ordered 3 kinds of soup.  If you only just imagine how full we were that time.  The halo-halo was not so special.  It just tasted like ordinary halo-halo. We also ordered Tinolang Bakasi, which tasted good, and Tinolang manok, also tasted good. The Spicy Scallops was new for me but it tasted good.  The pinakbet was really good.  We also ordered steamed talaba.  There was nothing so special about that. Their barbeque chicken also tasted good. Generally, the food, since I am a Pinoy, was delicious.



A Trip to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island has one of the nicest/best white sand beaches in the Philippines. This island is situated near the northern part of Cebu. The last time we went there was in 2010. We got there by bus from North Bus Terminal to the port of Hagnaya which cost us 70-80 pesos.  It took us 3 hours before arriving there. We paid a terminal fee of 10 pesos in the Hagnaya port and hopped in to Island Shipping Ferry for 150-170 pesos and took us around 75 minutes before we landed on the Bantayan Island soil.  Since we did not book any accommodation beforehand, we just ask around for the nearest and most affordable beach resort we can find in the area.  One tri-sikad driver offered to let us see around the area and checked each beach resorts we could find there. By the way tri-sikad is a bicycle with an extension where passengers can sit. They got a nice place and nice town without pollution.  We ended up with Sugar Beach Resort because of its vast shoreline and affordable cottage.

Unlike other beach resorts, Sugar beach resort did not offer many activities or many adventure. All we did was unwind, took a dip in the serene and tranquil white sand beach, took pictures and did kayaking.  We only stayed there for 2 days and 1 night.  We paid 1000 pesos for the cottage which had 2 rooms and 1 common comfort room.  Food was not an issue since there was a carenderia (small restaurant) at the gate.
The place is perfect for unwinding.  But if you’re looking for adventure, maybe you can check out resorts which offer other activities.


Like to Gossip? You’d Better Think Twice.

Why do we like to gossip?  Is it a reflection of our weakness, frustration or jealousy? How to avoid gossip and making trouble because of gossip?

I admit I have also said bad things about someone.  Sometimes, when a person has done something wrong towards us and since we do not have the courage to tell them straight, what we do is we unconsciously revenge by pointing out some bad things and tell it to other people to make us feel better than the other person who has done wrong to us. Or worst is, we make up things to ruin their reputation or we are critical of their actions. 

Here are the reasons I think why people gossip:

  • We feel inferior or we lack confidence that’s why want to feel that we are better than others.
  • We envy others so we make unjust judgements on their actions.
  • We want to take revenge of what others have done to us.

How to avoid gossip and making trouble because of gossip? I got this list from the sermon by a pastor this morning.

  • Get the facts straight.
  • Let us handle gossip appropriately.
  • Never surmise evil.
  • And, most importantly, love your neighbours as what 1st Corinthians 13:4-7 tells you to do.

So, let us be careful of what comes out of our mouth because it will not only reflect of who you truly are but will also make you into trouble.


Casaroro Falls, Olayan Falls, Balinsasayao Twin Lakes and Forest Camp Adventure

Negros Oriental is another Philippine island which is located near the southern part of Cebu. Dumaguete City, as the center of industry there, is a quite a small city and is actually smaller than that of Cebu City. It is as big as the Colon Street in Cebu but much cleaner and not as crowded. Since, we are from Mandaue City, Cebu, going to Negros Oriental via Sibulan (a province in Negros Oriental and where my husband originated) took us about 4-5 hours by bus and fastcraft. If it is your first time going to Negros Oriental by bus and fast craft boat, please bear in mind that you have to take the bus going to Bato/Liloan because if you fail to, you will be taken to the other side of southern Cebu. Once you arrive at the Liloan Port, you have to buy a ticket for the ferry boat which costs 60 pesos. But if you want to save time but not money, it will only take 45 minutes by plane from Mactan Cebu Airport to Dumaguete Airport. It will cost around 1000 pesos if you are lucky enough to avail the Cebu Pacific Air’s promos.

And now here is the list of places we visited in Negros Oriental:

  • Casaroro Falls 

This waterfalls is located in Valencia, Negros Oriental.  The last time we went there, we rode the motorcycle.  There is actually a rent-a-motorbike in Dumaguete if you do not have a car or a bike. There is no public vehicle that can go near where it is located.  It is very far from the city.  And if you are already near the location, the area is not cemented.  The road is rocky.  But upon reaching to area where the falls is located, we need to pay 10 pesos for for entrance fee.  And going to the falls is really challenging.  The last time we went there, we had to go down a on a very steep stairs.  It was a long way going down. Big rocks covered the river as we reached down.  We also had to climb rock after rock. But our price of doing that was the enchanting, amazing and very strong water falls.  But swimming was prohibited.















And now, the long journey was over, we finally arrived in the waterfall area.

20140101_140312                  20140101_141255





  • Balinsasayao Twin Lakes

These lakes are located in Sibulan, Negros Oriental.  These lakes are situated side by side  separated by a hill. Going there will take about 30 minutes from the main road using a car or a motorcycle. You will pass along the mountains. The entrance fee is only 10 pesos. The place is very tranquil, peaceful and so quite.  If you want to see the other lake and views hidden by the mountains, you have to rent a boat for 250 pesos per hour.  This boat can accommodate 8 people.





Going to the other lake, we had to use the rented boat. The picture shows the twin lake.  It’s very quite and swimming is not advisable because it’s quite eerie.






After exploring the twin lake, we crossed the side of the hill back again, and had to ride the small boat to explore another side of the area.  And now we’re heading to Olayan Falls.



  • Olayan Falls

This is just located beside the Balinsasayao lake.  We had to cross the lake using the boat.






Olayan Falls is just a small waterfalls but the water is clear and very enticing to take a swim.







And now, it’s time to get back.20131230_113502


  • Forest Camp

Another tourist spot you don’t wanna miss if you are exploring Negros Oriental is the Forest Camp in Valencia.  It is actually a retreat house.  You can actually spend on night there in their rooms.  The entrance fee for walk-ins is 35 pesos.  They have cottages where you can eat and can bring your own food without corkage fee.  They have quite zipline and several natural pools lined up like stairs.  The water is bypassed from the spring. The water is cold and so clear.  This Forest Camp quite accessible compared to the spots mentioned earlier.  So, getting there is not much of a problem. The view is AWESOME!!!!!!