Essentials to Bring when Travelling / Backpacking

When travelling, be a minimalist.  Bring only the things you will really need.  Travel with you lightweight things.

  1. Luggage / Bag / Backpack and Sling Bag.  Bring a bag that you are comfortable with, which is right for your size and height
  2. Passport.  If travelling abroad, always bring with you everywhere you go.
  3. Money / ATM Card.  As much as possible, make sure you have money (in the currency of the country you are travelling) in your pocket.
  4. Footwear.  (flat shoes, slippers)
  5. Clothing.  (shirts, blouses, sarong / malong, under garments, swimwear)
  6. First Aid Kit / Meds.  (Band-aids, Advil, Biogesic)
  7. Toiletries.  Bring minimum amount sunscreen, toothpaste,lotion, shampoo w/ conditioner and tooth brush.
  8. Ballpen.  You need this in the air plane.
  9. Cellphone / Camera.  You need contact numbers
  10. Accessories.  You need earrings and necklace to match with your outfit when you are planning to party at the beach.  But do not bring the expensive jewellery.

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