Singapore, the Fine City

Singapore is just a 4-hour bus ride away from KL, Malaysia. Or if you want to save time and travel there by plane, it is just 45 minutes away from the airport not including the 45-minute drive from KL to the airport.  Bus fares ranges from 45RM-90RM depending on the kind of bus you will be choosing. Expensive buses have comfortable seats and have their own toilets. They also offer a free meal. They have their own television. One bus that offers these services is the Aerobus. You can get the ticket from Corus Hotel near KLCC.

By the time you will reach Johor Baru, Malaysia. You’ll be asked to get down the bus to show yourselves to the Malaysian immigration. But do not forget your passport. And after about 15-minute ride, you’ll present yourselves to the Singaporean immgration.

If you’ll go there by plane, it will take about 45 minutes before you will arrive at the Changi airport.

Singapore is such a nice and a clean place. It is a small country. Unlike in Malaysia, almost everyone there can speak English. You won’t have any difficulty communicating with them. However, taxi cabs are very expensive. Buses are likely the most recommended vehicles to take. It’s cheaper and you’ll be able to see the views outside. But I preferred walking the last time I visited Singapore.

Singapore is a fine city.  It means, there are many do’s and dont’s in this country.  Like, if you spit anywhere, smoke outside the smoking area, litter anywhere and need to pay a certain amount.

So much about that. Here are the list of the places I have visited in Singapore.

  • Merlion
  • Sentosa
  • Lucky Plaza
  • Orchard

sg1 sg2 sg3 sg4 sg6 sg7 sg8

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