10 Dishes/Drinks to Try in Malaysia

Malasysian dishes usually are spicy.  The first time I tasted their dishes, it was like I was eating a whole bunch of pepper.  But eventually, dishes became familiar to my taste and actually became delicious.

Here is the list of the dishes you can try when you travel in Malaysia. These dishes are very common here.

  1. Nasi Lemak – Malaysia’s national dish.  It is a rice dish cooked in coconut milk and “pandan” leaf.  It is served with sambal (to die for), peanuts, small dried fish, sometimes with scambled egg and sliced  cucumber.  This dish is great during breakfast.n
  2. Tom Yam Soup – originally from its neighboring country Thailand, but it is widely served in Malaysia. It is spicy, sour and is best served when hot. This is really tasty especially mixed with shrimp/prawn.  But sometimes, chicken is mixed with this soup.
  3. Chicken  / Beef Rendang – commonly served during the Malaysian Muslim’s Hari Raya.  This dish is prepared for a long time and is slowly cooked in order for the spices to blend in. This dish is quite heavy and is delicious.  But if you are a first timer for this
  4. Roti Canai – is a kind of bread, a flat bread which is Indian-influenced and is eaten with a sauce.
  5. Ayam Goreng Kunyit – a very simple fried turmeric chicken and goes very well with hot plain rice, soy sauce  and chilli sauce.
  6. Satay – is a kind of dish where in the diced or sliced meat (chicken, beef, mutton) is seasoned, skewered and grilled.
  7. Asam Laksa – is a sour, fish-based soup with thick noodles or vermicelli.  The main ingredients include shredded mackerel, and finely sliced vegetables (cucumber, onions, red chillies, pineapple, lettuce, common mint, “Vietnamese mint or laksa mint and pink torch ginger).
  8. Teh Tarik – is a milk tea served hot. It is prepared by repeatedly pouring the mixture from one mug to another.
  9. Ikan Bakar – is a dish which includes a burnt marinated fish and a dipping sauce.  This dish is not perfect without the sauce. My tongue is actually salivating while thinking of this dish.
  10. Beef Noodle Soup in Secret Recipe – You can find Secret Recipe inside KLCC, Sungei Wang or any mall in KL.  But this soup is quite pricey but it’s worth a try.

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