Ambrosia Sense Seri Kembangan Experience – 3-hour Full Body Massage for 48RM

Body Massage is a must for people who want to relax and seek to pamper one’s self for being hard-working in day-to-day’s toil.

Yesterday, since it was Malaysia Day and a public holiday, that’s why I treated myself and my husband as well in a 3-hour massage in Ambrosia Sense in Seri Kembangan, Malaysia. I got lucky to have found this promotion in Groupon for only 48RM.  It was actually my first time in a spa package with many inclusions.  The not-so-good thing about this spa is the location from KL.  Our condo is located at the center of the city of KL and Ambrosia Sense is 30 minutes away if you use a car.  We paid 32RM for the taxi fare going there.   The taxi driver did not know the location of the spa, so, that added to the not-so-good list.  I just asked him to talk to the receptionist of Ambrosia Sense and asked for directions.  It could have been much better if they have another branch near KL.

By the time we arrived at the place, I gave the fine print of the voucher to the receptionist and we’re ready to get started and I was excited.  But before that, we had our  bags locked in a locker room.  So no worries about misplacement and loss of personal belongings.  We paid 10RM for  lavender essential oil to be used for the body massage.  You can also opt for other types or you can choose without essential oil.  They have lavender and eucalyptus at that time.  So I chose the former.

So after the encounter with the receptionist, we were asked to go upstairs to start.  The stair design was nice.  They decorated the both sides of the stairs with white stones and it really looked nice with the grey carpet.  And then, we were asked to stay in one room.  There were two massage beds.  We changed our clothes and wore the Ambrosia Sense’s robes, and undies, which included a short for men, a bra or rather one that looks like a bra and a panty).  But I did not use the panty. I brought my own undies because I already anticipated this one. I did not like the smell of the towels that they were letting us use.   The employees were so nice and were mostly Indonesians.

After everything was ready,  these were the things we did in chronological order:

  1. 10-minute Sea Salt Foot Soak.  It was quite okay.  It was effective since our feet were clean afterwards. The not-so-good thing about this was that the water that I placed my feet into was so hot and I switched with my husband’s.
  2. 60-minute Full Body Balinese Massage (including tummy and scalp massage) with 15-minute Hot Herbal Eye Pillow Treatment.  At first, we faced down and then laid down on our back.  From feet to shoulders, we experienced a 60-minute full body massage.
  3. 30-minute Herbal Detoxifying Steam Bath / Sauna.  The spa was quite innovative in nature.  Though they used a rice cooker to supply heat to an enclosed room which they called sauna, it was quite effective since sweat  were flowing all over our face and body.
  4. 35-minute Full Body Detox / Charcoal Scrub with 15-minute Upper Back Body Charcoal Mask.  We were asked to face down again and some kind of scrub was applied all over our body.  It felt cold, rough and nice with a scent of lemon grass.
  5. 10-minute Full Body Wrapping Detoxifying Treatment.  With the scrub and mask still on, we were wrapped with some of a plastic bag for 10 minutes.

Lastly, we took a shower and we’re done.  Over all, the experience was quite okay.  I am looking forward to writing another blog for another spa experience.


6 thoughts on “Ambrosia Sense Seri Kembangan Experience – 3-hour Full Body Massage for 48RM”

    1. I was asked if I want essential oil for the massage and I agreed. I only added 10rm for the lavender essential oil. But I don’t know exactly the difference between using the essential oil or not. But I think it was worth it because I have read essential oil is good.


  1. It’s the worst experience I’ve ever had. I brought my mom & sis over. We thought to have a relaxing massage together. But what we get was like buy two free one! Lack of masseur then please let us know, so that we can go separately.. Don’t treated us like we didn’t pay! I’ve never experienced that the masseur instructed me to count time, unwrap myself from the plastic and go bath without telling me where was the bathroom. Not jus that, she also yelled at me whether I understood her intrusction or not, answer quick, dont waste her time, she still got customer. What a bad service!


  2. I went to the salon for the package rm 99 n I added rm 10 for the lemongrass oil. The receptionist told me is a good oil. But I don’t think so coz I don’t feel anything after this. I m a person who used essential oil every night. I knew what is the reaction if is the good oil. I don’t like the massage just a few step n don’t even really scrub on my body . I need to do it by myself in the toilet. when I woke up I feel nothing different. sorry to said that.

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