10 Tips When Travelling By Plane

If you are travelling abroad or to a local destination, make sure you are well-prepared and have all the things you need while you’re away from home.  Some tips are provided for you to make your travel to either local destination or abroad stress free.

Travelling either abroad or locally can be at times stressful especially when some of the important things you needed are misplaced, lost, left at home or broken.  So better be mindful of the necessary things you have to carry and the things you need to do in order to minimize stress and make the most out of your travel.

  1. Have a soft copy/scanned copy of your travel documents like passport, roundtrip ticket, booked accommodation and etc. aside from the hardcopies that you have on hand.  Have it saved in a pendrive, in your tablet and also back it up in your email in case of a misplacement or loss of any your back-up.
  2. Before booking for a ticket of your destination or an accommodation, make sure to read some traveller reviews of the place and get some information of the local laws/ordinances to avoid trouble in the future. Also know your accommodation if it is safe and accessible to the place you are planning to visit.  Or you can read some blogs to gain some important tips.
  3. As much as possible, have all your things checked in except for your passport, airticket, a pen (you need this when you are asked to fill out some travel forms), camera/phone, any gadget that you are going to use while in the plane,  and a good book if you are a bookworm.  You need these to bring along with you and put in a hadbag or a satchel.  You don’t need to carry so many things with while inside the plane. It will cause you hassle from putting your things inside the bin to taking it out.
  4. Loose chargers and cables can tangle everything and make a mess inside your bag.  So organize these using your glasses case.
  5. To avoid chargers from bending and breaking, you can use a spring from used ballpens and placed it on wire near the plug.
  6. Separate your jewelry and accessories using a pill container to keep them untangled and to avoid losing them.
  7. Use vacuum seal bags to reduce the bulk of your bag. This can save a generous amount of space in you luggage.
  8. Bring travel essentials like toothpaste, lotion, hand sanitizer, make-up, perfume and, shampoo and bath soap (not so necessary since you are provided with bath soap and shampoo in your hotel/accommodation) to a minimum amount.  Prepare these and put inside small containers.
  9. Once your plane has landed, to avoid waiting long lines for airport bathrooms, you can use the next one and skip the long waits.  You will be able to arrive the immigration area ahead of others and save time.
  10. Once you finished with the immigration requirements, you can now head to your accommodation.  Do not snub the buses.  It not only save you money but you can also be able to see views of the place.

There you go.  You can now enjoy your tour.


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