Choose to Do Things You Love

“You can choose what you do; But you can’t choose what you like to do.”

Yes, I can choose which things to do.  I can choose to dance, to sing, to travel around the world,  to read books, to write, to work, to speak in front of people, to do some sports like badminton, billiards, volleyball or bowling,  and to engage myself in business. Or simple things like cooking, cleaning the house, washing the dishes and arranging things. I can choose to do these things but I can’t choose which of these things I like to do.  Like I cannot force myself to like cooking or clean the house. I can’t tell myself to like speaking in front of people, or to do sports like bowling.

For me, choosing to do things I love is easier said than done.  Because, sometimes, I also find it confusing or difficult to decide which things I love to do or which things I don’t like doing.  And because my decisions are sometimes affected by the people around me, by the fears that I have, and by the weaknesses that I have.

I have tried to come up with this list on how to identify if you love something or not.  Maybe this will help for those who also find it difficult to decide.

  • If a thing sticks in your mind for a long time, then that might be a sign you really love that thing.  It never gets off your mind.
  • It keeps you excited thinking about it.
  • You have the burning desire to do it.
  • Try to list down the things you don’t love doing and if it’s not on list then it must be something you like. (Hehehe)
  • It really thrills you unassumingly.
  • You don’t care about what others say.
  • You don’t care if you fail many times doing that thing.  Just for the love of doing it makes you wanna do more.

Now, there you go.  If you still have something to add, do not hesitate to comment.


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