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“I came, I saw and I savour.”

Krabi, a province of Southern Thailand, offers spectacular sceneries, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters.

We departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 13th of September 2013 at 10pm. We travelled by Bas Persiaran, a tour bus which would also bring us to the many places in Krabi, Thailand. The journey there was not that easy. Since it was a company tour, there were actually 3 buses that brought the company’s employees to Krabi. And if there’d be a mechanical problem of one of the buses, the others had to wait. Unfortunately, we experienced that. That’s why, it took us almost 12 hrs before arriving at Bukit Kayu Hitam where the immigration’s located. Queueing at the immigration felt like forever. It was like a bus terminal. It’s hot and it’s crowded. It felt like I was in the Philippines. I missed home!

After the immigration, it’s time to explore.  But wait, our tummy’s grumbling already. So, we had lunch to Kranitha Restaurant, Trang.  The food was delicious. Nyumnyum. After lunch, we then got back to the bus and we headed to Ao nang, Krabi.  Then at around 3:00pm, we checked in at the Srisuksant Hotel.  We washed and freshened up. We rested and had our pictures taken. Woohoo!

23 sri-suksantAfter taking pictures of our accommodation, it was now time for our dinner!  It’s actually by the beach. It was nice and the food was delicious in Rean Thalay Restaurant.  Then headed back to the hotel.  Those who wanted to bar hop for the night, the bars were just near the area.  But some of us just went to sleep so we could wake up early for the next day’s island hopping.

This was our itinerary for Day 2:

7:00am – Took Breakfast at the hotel

8:00am – Departed from the hotel to the pier (just about 5 minutes from the hotel

9:00am – Departed from the pier to 4 islands by speed boat

2First Stop: Pranang Beach 

This beach could not be accessed by car.  You could do sunbathing, swimming, picture-taking and exploring.  A short walk away was the princess cave.




Second Stop: Chicken Island

Though, we did not really stop there, but we just passed by.  This island’s form resembled that of a chicken. That’s where it got its name.9

Third Stop: Tup Beach

This island is ideal for snorkeling. But we did not swim for the weather was scorching hot.  We just took photos and here they are.  By the way, since the tide is not that high, we were able to walk through the neighboring island and had our lunch there.

1112 14 15 16

So that completed our island hopping.

After that we went back to the hotel and rested.

On day 3 of our tour, we went to some of the tourist spots of Krabi. First was the Tiger Cave Temple Cultural and Meditation, then to Pru Ta Pom fish farm, Nopparat Tara Beach, dinner at a Restaurant and lastly shopping for souvenirs.

17 18 19 24 2527


And that completed our tour. Time to relax now and go back to KL the next day.