Focus on your Little One and not the Labor Pains!

Jakob is the best thing that’s happened to us this year 2016 despite the challenges that we have been facing right now. He came out of the womb and experience the outside world at 2:45pm on the 16th of January, the day after my mother-in-law’s birthday and on the day my mother celebrated her birthday.  How cool is that?!

On the eve of my delivery, at around 8pm-10pm, I and my other pregnant friend were surprised because our friends gave us baby shower.  Blessings poured out on that day. We shared laughter; we ate and opened our baby gifts. Later that night, laughter died down as we found our way to bed.

But past midnight (around 1am), I felt cramps at the back of my hips. This gave me discomfort during my sleep.  I thought it was just Brixton Hicks contractions. But these were at a 5-minute interval.  Good thing, it was not that painful but it really disrupted my sleep. I did not sleep well until the morning. I didn’t eat well at that time because I didn’t have the appetite. Sometimes I felt like vomiting.

And at 10am in the morning, I decided to go to Prince Court Medical Centre because the cramps just wouldn’t go away.  We hurried and took my hospital bag, which was already prepared when I was still at my 26th week of pregnancy and went directly to the hospital. We arrived 10 minutes later. By the way, I was in my 29th week at this time.

Then, we directly went to the labor room, as instructed by my OB when I still had my regular check-ups.  And a nurse brought me inside and let me lay down the bed. Only my husband accompanied me as only one visitor could come with me inside the labor room.  My mother, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law waited outside the room.  The nurse had me strapped with a medical apparatus which I believe would measure the strength of my contractions.  And when she already had the info what she needed that time, she then reported to my OB and later came back with the instruction to do the needful. At first, she inserted something inside my rectum and squirted some fluid which would make me poop all that’s left in there.  After a while, I discharged a watery poop. Later, she also injected me with something which, she said, would speed up my labor and would make my contractions stronger.  After a few minutes, I felt these contractions becoming stronger and more frequent.

Every minute, the pain became unbearable. I thought grabbing the shirt of my husband would ease the pain that I felt at that moment. But I was wrong! The nurse in charge kept on asking me if I would like an epidural or an injection that would ease the labor pains. I was so brave that I told her no. I would like to feel the pain of natural childbirth not knowing that the intravenous fluid flowing through my veins was continuously adding strength to the contractions and could later give so much pain afterwards.

By 1pm, I could feel something was already coming out. So, I asked the nurse to measure how many cm I was dilated.  She told me it’s still 5cm. I can’t believe I still have a long way to go. We still have to wait 10cm before I could push.  But the pain I still could manage. But after maybe around 30minutes, I really wanted to push.  The nurse checked, it was still 6cm and said it was not the time to push yet. It was too early. In my mind, I said, “What?!!! It felt hours of pain already but still 6cm?! Gosh!”  After a while, the pain was getting even worse and more frequent.  So I thought of having myself injected to ease the pain.  So the nurse did.  But it was too late.  I could not catch my breath anymore.  The nurse gave me some kind of oxygen to breathe. I felt like at that time, I was half conscious and half unconscious. My husband always asked me if I was ok and I always gave him a thumb up.  He was worried sick so he always asked the nurse if my condition was normal and if I was ok. The nurse replied to not panic and that I was ok. But suddenly the pain was so unbearable that a little while I passed out. And I woke up again hearing myself screamed and shouted because of pain.  I could hear my OB and two other nurses inside the delivery room already telling me to push, when not to push, when to get ready to push and when to stop pushing. The pain was really awful, I would say, because I didn’t expect it to be like this.  I even shouted and screamed at the top of my lungs but managed to shout it in English.  Just so you’ll know, I am Filipino who’s comfortable speaking my own language.  But I want the people inside the delivery to know that the pain was so excruciating that I felt like I was dying. By the way, this was my first.  I really had no idea. I thought it was the end of me.  But not yet.  Not like this.  I was still going to have a baby who’s gonna need me.  I still wanted to experience the joy of being a mother to a son.

And suddenly, the pain died down.  I could hear my OB telling me to keep still because he was going to have me stitched.  Then, slowly, they placed my little one on my chest. At last I am mom now!”  I could not contain the joy seeing my little one. (Image below is my Jakob, our adorable Jakob.  And beside him is the oxygen that helped me breathe.)


I wanted to cry but could not.  The pain I felt got me confused.  I never heard my baby cry when the labor was over.  It must be of the horrendous pain that I felt. My husband told me that the first thing my baby did was pee” After having skin-to-skin moment with my little one, he was put in the nursery.  Then a nurse cleaned me up.  She told me that I was overmedicated.  I believe it was the intravenous fluid that made the pain so unbearable.  Another nurse instructed me something about the patch that I was going to wear and my baby as well.  But I could hardly understand her. I was still in shock of the pain. I really needed to rest.  But when my mother, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law were already allowed inside the delivery room, I was ecstatic to tell them everything that I went through. I literally lost my mind. Hahaha.  But only for a while. By the way, I really admired the 2 nurses who had supported me all throughout the labor.  They encouraged me and thought me how to endure the labor pains.

One thing that I learned in this experience is you really have to discuss with your OB beforehand the consequences of the medication they will inject in you.  Because after I delivered my baby, he told me to consider an epidural next time.  I should have known what an induced labor was. I remembered him telling me that.   Always ask your OB everything that you don’t understand.  Do not hesitate!  By the way, Dr. Paul Tay was my OB and he was actually very good. But anything can happen no matter how good your doctor is.  One thing that also contributed to the horrendous pain of my labor, as the nurse said, I was overmedicated.  The other nurse who initially took care of me got me overmedicated and almost had me there at the end.  But that won’t matter so much now because my little one is alive and healthy.  That’s what matters the most now. And by the way, do not forget to say your prayers for a safe delivery!  Remember to practice your breathing.  You can many videos on youtube. Focus on the prize (your little one) and not on the labor pains.


Desa Water Park at Taman Danau Desa, Malaysia

At 40 RM, one can enjoy the amenities offered by this water park.

You will surely get wet in this water park. Be sure to bring extra clothes and undies.  Here’s the list of the water rides and slides I have tried.

  1. Shock Wave. I really had fun here because it felt like I was floating in the sea with waves  pushing me through the shore.shock waveshock wave 2
  2. Super Tube.  This one was really awesome. I got to ride many times here. Though you have to rent a floater.super tube
  3. Tarzan in Town.  This one was quite difficult.  We had to  climb up to a series of floating logs which was anchored with a rope at the bottom of the pool.   We only had to hold on to a rope hanging above us. What was really challenging here was keeping our balance until we reached the other side of the pool.tarzan in town
  4. Thunder Bolt.  We had to wait  a specific time, around 2pm if my memory serves me right just to enjoy this fun ride.  It’s a ride you don’t really wanna miss.thunder bolt 2thunder bolt1
  5. Action River.  If you want a relaxing ride, try this one out.  Just wear your sunblock because it is really hot while floating around this flowing water going around.action river
  6. Water Factory. This one is great for kids.  Two water slides available here. Be sure to accompany your kids.water factory

I must have miss some rides since some were closed for renovation or were not functioning at that time.

Here’s the list.

  • Bubble Pool
  • Ripple Bay
  • Surf Shack
  • Baby Wave
  • Water Factory
  • Pink Slide
  • Clown-A-Round

Singapore, the Fine City

Singapore is just a 4-hour bus ride away from KL, Malaysia. Or if you want to save time and travel there by plane, it is just 45 minutes away from the airport not including the 45-minute drive from KL to the airport.  Bus fares ranges from 45RM-90RM depending on the kind of bus you will be choosing. Expensive buses have comfortable seats and have their own toilets. They also offer a free meal. They have their own television. One bus that offers these services is the Aerobus. You can get the ticket from Corus Hotel near KLCC.

By the time you will reach Johor Baru, Malaysia. You’ll be asked to get down the bus to show yourselves to the Malaysian immigration. But do not forget your passport. And after about 15-minute ride, you’ll present yourselves to the Singaporean immgration.

If you’ll go there by plane, it will take about 45 minutes before you will arrive at the Changi airport.

Singapore is such a nice and a clean place. It is a small country. Unlike in Malaysia, almost everyone there can speak English. You won’t have any difficulty communicating with them. However, taxi cabs are very expensive. Buses are likely the most recommended vehicles to take. It’s cheaper and you’ll be able to see the views outside. But I preferred walking the last time I visited Singapore.

Singapore is a fine city.  It means, there are many do’s and dont’s in this country.  Like, if you spit anywhere, smoke outside the smoking area, litter anywhere and need to pay a certain amount.

So much about that. Here are the list of the places I have visited in Singapore.

  • Merlion
  • Sentosa
  • Lucky Plaza
  • Orchard

sg1 sg2 sg3 sg4 sg6 sg7 sg8

Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia.  And because I am based here, I can give tourists who wish to visit KL ideas on where to go.

Here’s my list of places I recommend tourists to visit and I, myself, have visited.

  • Petronas Twin Towers / KLCC20140506_20164520140506_203256_LLS
  • Aquaria, KLCCP1000187IMG_20140510_110214
  • KL Towerkl tower kl tower2
  • King’s PalaceP1000331
  • Batu CavesP1000276
  • KL Bird ParkP1000435P1000393
  • Petaling Street (Chinatown in KL)ps1 ps
  • Zoo Negara or National Zoo in Malaysia
  • Bukit Bintang
  • Merdeka SquareP1000339
  • Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia20140511_125830 20140511_125351
  • Berjaya Times Square20140507_192128_LLS
  • Sunway Lagoon
  • KLCC ParkP1000104
  • PutrajayaP1000197



“I came, I saw and I savour.”

Krabi, a province of Southern Thailand, offers spectacular sceneries, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters.

We departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 13th of September 2013 at 10pm. We travelled by Bas Persiaran, a tour bus which would also bring us to the many places in Krabi, Thailand. The journey there was not that easy. Since it was a company tour, there were actually 3 buses that brought the company’s employees to Krabi. And if there’d be a mechanical problem of one of the buses, the others had to wait. Unfortunately, we experienced that. That’s why, it took us almost 12 hrs before arriving at Bukit Kayu Hitam where the immigration’s located. Queueing at the immigration felt like forever. It was like a bus terminal. It’s hot and it’s crowded. It felt like I was in the Philippines. I missed home!

After the immigration, it’s time to explore.  But wait, our tummy’s grumbling already. So, we had lunch to Kranitha Restaurant, Trang.  The food was delicious. Nyumnyum. After lunch, we then got back to the bus and we headed to Ao nang, Krabi.  Then at around 3:00pm, we checked in at the Srisuksant Hotel.  We washed and freshened up. We rested and had our pictures taken. Woohoo!

23 sri-suksantAfter taking pictures of our accommodation, it was now time for our dinner!  It’s actually by the beach. It was nice and the food was delicious in Rean Thalay Restaurant.  Then headed back to the hotel.  Those who wanted to bar hop for the night, the bars were just near the area.  But some of us just went to sleep so we could wake up early for the next day’s island hopping.

This was our itinerary for Day 2:

7:00am – Took Breakfast at the hotel

8:00am – Departed from the hotel to the pier (just about 5 minutes from the hotel

9:00am – Departed from the pier to 4 islands by speed boat

2First Stop: Pranang Beach 

This beach could not be accessed by car.  You could do sunbathing, swimming, picture-taking and exploring.  A short walk away was the princess cave.




Second Stop: Chicken Island

Though, we did not really stop there, but we just passed by.  This island’s form resembled that of a chicken. That’s where it got its name.9

Third Stop: Tup Beach

This island is ideal for snorkeling. But we did not swim for the weather was scorching hot.  We just took photos and here they are.  By the way, since the tide is not that high, we were able to walk through the neighboring island and had our lunch there.

1112 14 15 16

So that completed our island hopping.

After that we went back to the hotel and rested.

On day 3 of our tour, we went to some of the tourist spots of Krabi. First was the Tiger Cave Temple Cultural and Meditation, then to Pru Ta Pom fish farm, Nopparat Tara Beach, dinner at a Restaurant and lastly shopping for souvenirs.

17 18 19 24 2527


And that completed our tour. Time to relax now and go back to KL the next day.



Lantaw Native Floating Restaurant is located in Cordova, Cebu.  It is one of the best restaurants I have been to because of the location.  The restaurant is not actually floating because its supports/column are fixed on the sea floor.  It is nearby the shore so it is just shallow. The view of the sunset while dining on the waters with a breath of fresh air was one of the best experiences in this restaurant. However, getting there is quite difficult if you do not have your own car like us. It is far from the main road.  And if you go there by taxi, it will cost around 200 pesos from Gaisano Mactan Grand Mall.  And the problem will be going home.  If you want to request a taxi from them, there will be an add-on of 100 pesos.  So, if you are on a budget, just wait for a taxi carrying a passenger who has just arrived int the area and ask for that taxi driver if he can drop you home. In that case, you will not add 100 pesos.  And as for the food, this restaurant is serving Filipino dishes. Their serving especially the soup is going to be much more than the other restaurants are normally serving.  For 10 people, it cost us around 3900 pesos. It could have been much less if we knew that they’re going to give big serving for one soup order.  Let say, when you’re going to order Tinolang Isda and they’ll serve you this which will be enough to the total number of persons in the table.  And to think, we ordered 3 kinds of soup.  If you only just imagine how full we were that time.  The halo-halo was not so special.  It just tasted like ordinary halo-halo. We also ordered Tinolang Bakasi, which tasted good, and Tinolang manok, also tasted good. The Spicy Scallops was new for me but it tasted good.  The pinakbet was really good.  We also ordered steamed talaba.  There was nothing so special about that. Their barbeque chicken also tasted good. Generally, the food, since I am a Pinoy, was delicious.



A Trip to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island has one of the nicest/best white sand beaches in the Philippines. This island is situated near the northern part of Cebu. The last time we went there was in 2010. We got there by bus from North Bus Terminal to the port of Hagnaya which cost us 70-80 pesos.  It took us 3 hours before arriving there. We paid a terminal fee of 10 pesos in the Hagnaya port and hopped in to Island Shipping Ferry for 150-170 pesos and took us around 75 minutes before we landed on the Bantayan Island soil.  Since we did not book any accommodation beforehand, we just ask around for the nearest and most affordable beach resort we can find in the area.  One tri-sikad driver offered to let us see around the area and checked each beach resorts we could find there. By the way tri-sikad is a bicycle with an extension where passengers can sit. They got a nice place and nice town without pollution.  We ended up with Sugar Beach Resort because of its vast shoreline and affordable cottage.

Unlike other beach resorts, Sugar beach resort did not offer many activities or many adventure. All we did was unwind, took a dip in the serene and tranquil white sand beach, took pictures and did kayaking.  We only stayed there for 2 days and 1 night.  We paid 1000 pesos for the cottage which had 2 rooms and 1 common comfort room.  Food was not an issue since there was a carenderia (small restaurant) at the gate.
The place is perfect for unwinding.  But if you’re looking for adventure, maybe you can check out resorts which offer other activities.